Why choose us?
Is your current streaming provider not supporting HTTPS? Do you need to get your stream HTTPS enabled but don't want to change providers? Is your non-HTTPS stream making your new SSL website non-compliant?

Many web authorities like Google are pushing for all websites to be HTTPS with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. As a radio station owner, if your website is secure and your radio station player is embedded in your website you will need secure ssl streams.

It is highly possible your current provider is not offering SSL because it is not officially compatible with SHOUTcast DNAS.

You may be stuck in having a non-ssl compliant  website because of your non-HTTPS stream. That is because it is not possible to embed a non-HTTPS stream in an  HTTPS SSL website. SSL-Stream has found a solution for our clients. SSL-Stream can even support clients using another provider. 

Fixed Stream address

From now on you have a fixed stream address, even if you have to change stream host or ip address.

Secure your server

By using our SSL stream link you also protect the stream server against attacks

Stream location

The location of your stream cannot be traced thanks to our SSL stream link.

  • Update ip/host, port and mountpoint in seconds, your SSL link never changes
  • .mp3 works in just about any player on the web and is the most common audio format
  • Works great with Amazon Alexa Skill for Streaming Radio

Contact us for information

If there is any uncertainty about https or SSL streaming, you can always contact us via the contact form. We are not happy to answer all your questions. Our helpline is always open to receive any inquiry or feedback. Please feel free to contact us.

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Have i warranty?

With us you have a not satisfied money back guarantee. You must of course report this to our help desk.

How much is plan cost?

Our SSL stream proxy costs 24 euros for a whole year. That is 2 euros per month.

Moneyback guaranted ?

With us you have a not satisfied money back guarantee. You must of course report this to our help desk.

What information do you need?

To make an SSL stream from your current non-SSL stream, we need the ip address and port and the mount point.

Which stream types can you make SSL?

You can make Shoutcast V1 and V2 and also icecast streams into an SSL stream link. For both mp3 and AAC +

Do I have to take a stream server with you?

No, certainly not. Our SSL stream links work with any stream and any hosting company

Need to know more ?

We provide you with an HTTPS address that you can use wherever you need to and link it to your existing streaming server. No need to change providers, just use the new HTTPS address that we will provide you with and it will link straight through to your existing stream, the new SSL URL acts as a proxy to deliver your SHOUTcast v1, v2 or Icecast stream in full HTTPS error free..
Sign up now and get an HTTPS address that simply forwards to your existing streaming address and make your website HTTPS compliant.
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